Our company, which started operations in 1995, has the knowledge to serve every sector where automation is required. In our project department, design and manufacture of hydraulic units suitable for all kinds of needs, hydraulic, pneumatic automation of special machines, system design are made, manufacturing, assembly and commissioning operations are performed. However; manufactures hydraulic power units, control blocks, hydraulic cylinders, pneumatic control panels and special hydraulic machines.

In our store sales department, we provide sales services by producing alternative solutions to different demands with hydraulic-pneumatic, automation, central lubrication systems, linear motion technology.

The main principle of our organization is to provide continuous productivity, work efficiently, be constructive and mutually benefit to the organizations, society and industry in working with the organizations it cooperates with.
Our company is also a pioneer in central Italy Srl Tecnosystems lubrication systems company in Turkey has been the General Office.

After-sales services of our products are developed in accordance with the wishes of our customers and all kinds of technical support are offered to our customers within the scope of product sales guarantee.

In our opinion, the most important element in this sector is to produce safe, quality and easily available products. We believe that it is our duty to continue our efforts in this direction not only today but also in the future.

Some of the products we currently sell are:

Hydraulic, Pneumatic Cylinder Pipe, Hydraulic Plumbing Pipe, Hydraulic Cylinder, Pneumatic Cylinder, Pneumatic Directional Control Valves, Pneumatic Fitings and Hose,
Air Conditioner (Conditioner), Hydraulic Valve, Hydraulic Pump, Control Arm, Hydraulic Tank, Hydraulic Directional Control Blocks, Lubrication Pumps and Blocks, Accessories and other Pneumatic Materials.

our vision

Our main objective is to be customer oriented, to provide quality, accuracy and stability in service, to meet the needs and expectations of our customers with better quality service. We believe in professional and effective teamwork. We aim to provide honest, fast and quality service. We act ethically. In order to maximize the satisfaction of our customers, we exhibit maximum effort and work as a team.

Our mission

• Aware of doing business that requires responsibility with all its employees
• Combining technical know-how with technology to make a difference,
• To work with the understanding of business partnership and to always exceed the quality expected by its customers,
• Works to ensure the satisfaction of its customers by producing at reasonable prices and deadlines.

Quality policy

• Ensuring the continuity of customer satisfaction by fully identifying and meeting the demands of its customers and employees,
• To create the necessary environment within the company in order to enable employees to use their talents in line with company objectives,
• To realize all the systems it has established in line with the continuous improvement approach, based on data based work,
• To manage all activities with a process approach in order to reach the corporate targets accurately and effectively,
• Developing the competencies of its suppliers, setting common goals and working in harmony with its suppliers as a quality policy.

Our values

• To be customer oriented.
• To be fair, honest and straightforward.
• Being open to all kinds of innovations.
• To value people.
• To create value for the economy by using country resources efficiently.
• To be sensitive to social responsibilities.
• Respecting the environment.
• Not compromising on quality.